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The sites name is completely unique and is Shoeper woman as in Super Woman but with shoes! The sites name is protected with a US and UK trademark which will be transferred with the sale. The site has 5182 professionally written articles by Amber. All of the images on the site were either taken by amber, submitted by users, paid for images, product shots or stock images. The site has over 21,000 comments and had a very active base of users until Amber put the site on hiatus a few years ago, Since then we have only occasionally updated the site to keep it ticking over and have not put in any effort to grow the site.


Currently this site only gets updated very occasionally and we do absolutely no other work on it or it’s social channels. The only ongoing cost is hosting, domain name and trademark renewal fees every few years.


The general demographic of the site is female 20 to 50. Money is earned via referred sales of products sold via links clicked on the site and historically via display advertising. Part of the sites revenue comes from ShopBop. They display a widget on the sites sidebar and for this they give us $250 dollars per month in store credit which you can spend on whatever you like. We have spoken to them and they are happy to continue to provide this same structure to the new site owners. You may have to occasionally link to their sale events - this is what generates a lot of affiliate revenue for the site.



  • Huge amount of professionally written articles
  • Lots of comments and email addresses
  • Trademarks that allow you to protect the uniqueness of the name
  • Over 129 thousand links point to the site
  • A domain authority of 53
  • .com domain name
  • Lots of revenue channels
  • Wordpress platform
  • Untapped social media channels
  • Low amount of work needed to keep the site going
  • Around two thousand Twitter followers
  • Around 13 thousand Facebook followers


The site currently has no display advertising on it. The site used to earn thousands of dollars per month on AdSense - see the attached historical revenue report. It will need a lot of to tweaking the adverts to get good revenue again. You can’t just put adverts in anywhere and leave them. It took months of tweaking to initially get good revenue from display adverts.

Seller Notes

Several months ago we recently changed the URL structure of the site to take the date out of the Wordpress URL, this we believe has resulted in an increase in search engine traffic. One of the critical things that will need done to keep the site growing is the process of going through the older articles of the site and merging, deleting or improving them. The comments also have email addresses along with them so you may want to consider building a database of users to contact while starting the process of building up the site gain.

The site currently runs pretty much on it’s own. The only thing we currently do is post the occasional article. The social media channels remain untapped and with a little effort these would drive more traffic and revenue to the site.

Regarding the sites trademarks

These will be transferred with the sale of the site but one thing you have to be aware of is that I cannot control how long this will take as the us trademark office are particularly slow so it I would estimate that it will be many months after the sale is completed and money is transferred before the trademark is officially in your ownership. As soon as the sites sales is complete and funds have been transferred to me then I would be happy to give you a official written and witnessed document to say that the trademark belongs to you and that I have started the process of transferring it as well as copying you in on all correspondence.

in terms of a non compete clause Amber will still continue to write her own personal website which does occasionally contain articles about fashion but is focussed on the personal style of Amber and what she is wearing. Shoeperwoman is more of an advice site to woman on style, life and shoes, essentially it is how to be a Shoeper Woman.



About the Seller

Private Seller

Terry Miaoulis

United kingdom

Terry Miaoulis, is a web designer of over 15 years. He is the husband and business partner of Amber who founded and run
Shoeper Woman since 2009. They recently had their first child so they no longer have enough time to run the site which is why they have decided to
sell it.

We previously sold another site on flippa for over $10000 and Shoeper Woman is the last site we will be selling so that Amber can solely focus on her personal blog foreveramber.co.uk. Amber is an ex journalist and has been a pro blogger for over 10 years. You can read more information about her on her wiki page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amber_McNaught

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