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This is a premier domain and translation site servicing nearly 2m monthly visitors and generating revenues of USD 400,000 in the 9 months to September 30th. The website generated $41k gross profit last month and requires 10-15 hours per week.

Translate.com specializes in providing cost effective human translations for websites, support tickets, marketing material, product information and more. The many integrations and self-serve order form allows customers to place orders and implement human translations within their own workflow with ease.

Translate.com provides human translations by utilizing the speed and efficiencies granted by the process of Post Edit Machine Translation. This approach starts with a A.I. generated machine translation that gives us a quick and mostly accurate base. They then use two rounds of professional human translators to refine the machine translation and produce a high-quality result in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost compared to translations from scratch. Machine translation engines are evaluated for quality and are chosen by language pair.


The current owner invested a lot of time and resources on the front end to develop systems that automate the bulk of daily operations. The new buyer will be able to take advantage of this and operate the site with only about 10-15 hours per week.

There are 3 monthly subscription packages:
Starter $59/Month Includes 250,000 page views / month , 5 languages
Professional $299/Month Includes 2,500,000 page views / month, 15 languages
Enterprise $1199/Month Includes 10,000,000 page views / month, 37 languages

Human Translation Operations
● Translator communications - 1 hr/week
● Reviewing orders that get flagged for review - 2 hr/week
● Support tickets - 4 hr/week

● Bug fixes/portal adjustments - 4 hr/week
● Infrastructure maintenance - 1 hr/week

App Overview
There are 4 total apps, 2 Android/Google & 2 iOS. For each marketplace there is a free app that can be used by anyone, and a subscription app which is free to download but, requires a monthly subscription to use. The subscription app is called Translate.com Platinum.


Customer Profile and Segmentation
There are two types of customers - those who are looking for a free/instant machine translation, and those who want a high quality professional human translation. A good deal of the professional customers start out looking for a free/instant machine translation then upgrade to a professional translation. The free machine translations are used as a wide sales funnel for professional customers.

Customer Acquisition
Translate.com offers free human translations to everyone using the website and native apps. Throughout the process of getting a machine translation, human translations are promoted to encourage users to become paid professional customers.

Customer Retention
Customers are retained naturally by their need for new translations when content changes. Whenever their website has content added, a new foreign support ticket comes in or a new product is released, they come back to Translate.com to translate the new content.

Active Translate Subscriptions:
$59/month - Monthly Starter Plan - 14 users
$299/month - Monthly Professional Plan - 8 users
$1,199/month - Monthly Enterprise Plan - 1 user
$1,188/year - Annual Legacy Pro - 1 user
$588/year - Annual Starter - 4 users
$2,988/year - Annual Pro - 2 users


● 1.8M monthly visitors
● 3.9M monthly page views with an average duration of 2:37 and a bounce rate of 40.9%
● 385,000 registered users
● Completed over 400,000 translations totaling over 10M words.
● Over 50,000 registered and vetted editors

● B2B marketing
● Develop a sales team/process
● Expand number of integrations

Seller Notes

Translate.com currently runs on ten total servers: four web servers (2 physical, 2 virtual), two firewall/load balancers and a 4 server MySQL Galera cluster.

● Apache 2.2 & Apaches 2.4
● PHP 5.5 & PHP 7.2
● Memcached
● CentOS 6 & CentOS 7

Translate.com’s tech team will work with the buyer to determine their technical stack and assist with the migration. Taking possession of the current servers and colocation space is an option as well.


  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • 4 Mobile Apps (2 iOS and 2 Android)
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Domain Name

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Private Seller

Emerge Media

United states

Emerge Media is a Chicago based media company with millions of visitors per month across its properties. Their in-house capabilities include full web application development including UX, UI and native mobile applications.

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