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Clare Gallagher

United kingdom

About the Seller

Clare Gallagher is a stay at home Mother who has vast experience in design and crafts. Her husband Liam assists with the running of the business, he is a full-time web designer and ensures the website runs efficiently.

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Executive Summary

The Business is an English based poster and illustration business owned by self employed Clare Gallagher. The Business focus is to offer watch enthusiasts their chance to own their grail watch in the form of a poster, at a much discounted price than the real thing! The Business’s products can be ordered through their website or Etsy channel and are shipped worldwide.

Watch enthusiasts are generally looking for premium products that are accurate to life and for ways to distinguish themselves. This makes for a very interesting opportunity in a niche market.


Established Date
Average Monthly Revenue
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$1,444 USD
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$1,297 USD
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  • Well established brand in the watch community
  • Freedom to run business from anywhere in a world
  • Multiple potential ways to grow business worldwide plus expanding through other sales channels
  • Worldwide customers
  • Length of operation on Etsy and feedback (Though Etsy cannot be transferred so would need a new account setting up under the same name)
  • Semi automated business, most posters are already setup with our supplier - mostly admin and shipping which is 2-3 Hours per week
  • Strong social media following and interaction within the community #### Opportunities
  • Marketing/exposure.
  • Cheaper shipping if the business was moved stateside or deals with distributors can be made
  • Business Development; partnering with other webstore and resellers to sell products through alternative channels
  • Expand product offering



  • Customer support (15 mins/wk); Usually we get 2/3 tickets per week. Most are about shipment information and asking if we can design a custom product. The owner takes this as a chance to make customers advocates of the brand by delivering high quality and personalized answers/solutions.
  • Ordering inventory for shipping stock we hold (30 mins/mnth); Ordering postal tubes, stickers, tape etc
  • General Administration (0,5 hrs/wk); the basic bookkeeping via Quickbooks #### Fulfilment and Assembly
  • Fulfilment: Originally we held stock and fulfilled orders manually though we are currently moving all of our orders and they will be fulfilled by a third party. Thank you emails, order confirmations with invoices and emails with tracking information are being sent to the customers automatically. #### Marketing and Business Development
  • Marketing, (1hr/week). Reaching out to vloggers, bloggers, influencers, content creators.
  • Business Development (0 hrs); currently no time is spent on business development. There are interesting options to explore such as partnering with web shops and resellers for other sales channels. Potential partners are reaching out to The Business every now and then.


Customer Profile and Segmentation

Our market is currently 30 to 45 year old males, though we also have orders from wives/daughters looking to buy posters for family members - this fluctuates on the seasons.

Customer Acquisition

Customer have been acquired primarily via Instagram campaigns and promoted Etsy listings. We have also recently sent products to Vloggers such as Bark and Jack and KibbleWatches on youtube who have sent a mass amount of custom our way, this is something that can be further explored.

Seller Notes

We get a huge spike in traffic and orders around Christmas time on Etsy and in January the werbsite then spikes. We cannot legally transfer the Etsy shop but a new user could setup another shop with the same name and copy the products across.

We have a few ideas moving forward for luminous posters that seem to have been a hit with our small focus groups.



  • Webstore
  • Domains
  • Instagram Account
  • Established Brand