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Website Properties

United states

About the Seller

Website Properties is a leading online business brokerage firm. With dedicated and experienced Website Brokers, the company has been helping online entrepreneurs sell their internet businesses and create their successful exit for over 15 years.

• E-Commerce, Amazon FBA, SaaS, Content Websites
• Detailed Business and Financial Valuations
• Tiered Commission Structure 6%-10%
• Excellent Closure Rates – 85-90%
• 17,000+ Strong Buyers Rolodex

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Executive Summary

This turnkey ecommerce dropship business specializes in selling unique niche products to customers worldwide. The owner is always on the lookout for trending products or social movements that can be converted into custom designs. Designs are submitted to vendors to custom print onto various items. As a Print-on-Demand model, vendors print items when an order is submitted and dropships direct to the customer. The site offers dozens of different graphic designs printed on high-quality boots, footwear, home décor, clothing, jewelry and accessories. These are one of a kind items not sold anywhere else.


Established Date
Average Monthly Revenue
This number is calculated by taking the average of the 12 revenue data points.
$38,860 USD
Average Monthly Profit
This number is calculated by first calculating the profit for each month from revenue and expenses data points, then taking the average of the 12 profit data points.
$4,158 USD
Overall Margin
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● 100% Dropship
● Homebased and Easily Relocatable
● Easy to Test New Products and Scale
● Large Email List – 47k
● Huge Facebook Audiences
● Vendors Print on Demand – Unique Products with No Capital Outlay for Inventory
● Substantial Income with Minimal Effort, Time or Expense
● Unique Niche with Huge Growth Potential

Opportunities for Growth
● Increasing products offered
● Expanding into new niches
● Additional advertising such as Google
● Expanding the email campaign


● The business is operated by one owner working approx. 10-15 hours per week monitoring the advertising campaigns, uploading new products, and reviewing new designs. There is one part time virtual assistant working approx. 20 hours per week running the support desk.

● It is run from a home-based office, is easily relocatable and can be operated from any location with internet access. Operating as a 100% dropship business means there is no inventory to manage or large capital outlays required to run the business.

Fulfilment and Assembly
● This is a 100% dropship model as all products are shipped to customers worldwide direct from suppliers.

Marketing and Business Development
● All sales are currently generated through the Shopify website with traffic driven by a mature, high-performing Facebook advertising campaign.


Customer Profile and Segmentation
This website sells to customers worldwide. While its customer base is predominantly located in the US, other countries include Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. The age demographic is 35+ years.

Customer Acquisition
Customer have been acquired primarily via Facebook Marketing and Organic Search.

Seller Notes

This business has steady profits, high quality & unique products, large customer base, huge Facebook audiences, print-on-demand vendor arrangements and a dialed-in process. It is an outstanding business opportunity for any buyer looking to acquire a successful 100% dropship ecommerce business and take it to its next level.


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