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Kelli Benson-Nelson

United states

About the Seller

Kelli is a driven, business-minded person. She has been an entrepreneur in the fashion industry since 1995. For the next twelve years, she started, designed and manufactured a women’s apparel collection. In 2007, Kelli decided to close the company due to increased overseas manufacturing competition. In late 2007, she launched findfashion.com.

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Executive Summary

FindFashion.com is a data-based b-to-b website for fashion designers. The database consists of 850 multi-line independent sales reps located in the twelve fashion hubs across the U.S. Covering all categories of women, men, and children. FindFashion.com also sells five retail buyer lists. Three in women’s categories, one in men and one in children. Each list is a one-time fee. An international distributor list is also sold and is a one time fee as well. Lastly, and most recently, a classifieds section is available to post ads from forty different jobs. Customers access the service by purchasing a monthly subscription.


Established Date
Average Monthly Revenue
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$2,427 USD
Average Monthly Profit
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$2,128 USD
Overall Margin
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  • Only one other competitor. Weconnectfashion.com
  • 2-4 hours per workday to keep databases updated and follow up emails.
  • Multiple ways to expand the business by adding more retail buyer lists. (swimwear & activewear) & expanding the Classifieds section.
  • Familiarity in the fashion industry with what findfashion.com provides.
  • Over 24,000 signups in the admin.


  • Marketing/exposure
  • SEO
  • Partnering with other firms that assist fashion designers in other realms.
  • Establishing a stronger Instagram presence.



  • Customer support 1-2 hrs per week. Follow up with conference calls to answer designers questions. If not done so through email.
  • 2hrs per day to research and update all databases.


  • One newsletter sent every two weeks through ConstantContact. 30 minutes, Monday-Friday posting on all social media venues.
  • Traveling to New York every February and September to walk the tradeshows and pass out findfashion.com postcards.



Our target market is 15 to 60 year old mostly female, with a small percentage of male as well. Fashion designers or new to the fashion industry. 85% of our customers are located in the U.S. and Canada. 12% from Europe and 3% from Asia and Africa.

Customer Acquisition

Subscribers are acquired through Google searches, and meeting designers while visiting tradeshows.

Customer Retention

The mailing list has 20,000 subscribers with a 16-20% open rate.

Seller Notes

FindFashion.com is a very useful resource for fashion designers, especially emerging designers. I feel there is a huge potential with the Classifieds section of the site. The classified can enable other facets of the industry to utilize the site, not just designers. Therefore, creating a much larger revenue stream through subscriptions. I have not actively pursued marketing that section