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Shibu Phillip

United kingdom

About the Seller

Shibu is constantly on the outlook for challenges. Currently, Shibu Operates as a CEO of This Business and is an experienced digital marketer. Sibu has always had a passion for e-commerce and has built a few stores in the past and Is currently managing a few side ventures as well as Amazon Private Labelling and Affiliate Marketing.

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Executive Summary

This Business is a global Home Decor And Trend Store. It went live through the Shopify platform in January Of this Year. The Businesses focus is to offer shoppers worldwide the opportunity to purchase the most trendiest and Coolest Items buzzing on Social Media. The Business Dropships mainly from Chinese Suppliers and can ship items worldwide.


Established Date
Average Monthly Revenue
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$21,891 USD
Average Monthly Profit
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$5,773 USD
Overall Margin
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  • Well defined brand in a highly popular niche.
  • Suppliers Constantly Updating different Variants Of Main Product Making the Potential Audience Consistently Bigger Month After Month.
  • Large social following and email list: 28,000 Instagram followers and 11,000+ Email List
  • Unique designs
  • Highly automated business.


  • Limited marketing efforts have been engaged to date. The business has used influencers to grow the store and the award-winning product is nowhere near its potential. Look into scaling FB Ads, Adwords etc.
  • Expand product offering
  • Opportunities to Build out store into a fully TV/Movie related one or 1 Product store or Trend store.



  • Customer support (5 hrs/wk) Most is about shipment information and checking where the order is. Our supplier is reliable and ships to the USA within the 12-20 day Range with a very low miss rate. Customer Support team already set in place with canned response already written out.
  • Fulfilling order and Shipping(5+ hrs/wk) Depends on the number of orders that are coming in but currently our VA in the Philippines who is happy to continue under a new owner fulfills 60 orders an hour on Aliexpress and Updates the tracking codes regularly.

Fulfillment and Assembly

  • Fulfilment: All orders are fulfilled through Aliexpress established supplier and thank you emails, order confirmations with invoices and emails with tracking information are being sent to the customers automatically. If products are out of stock ( which has not happened before ) we have a backup listing with an old supplier we can buy our stock from )

Marketing and Business Development

  • Marketing, (5hr/week). Simple Managing and creating the Facebook ad campaigns as well as finishing deals with influencers that we already have good connections with and PayPal them their price for the shoutout and keeping the store going on the level that it is at. If you are looking to mega-scale the store, of course, more time needs to be put in Facebook ads side of the business and I would say 3 hours a day just doing product research and making campaigns.
  • Business Development (1hrs); Currently not much time is spent on business development. Just managing the store in general such as if the VA work is being completed on this, of course, if I was to grow the store then a bigger team needs to be built out or contracts extended but at the time is not much time at all.


Customer Profile and Segmentation

Our target market is young Movie Lovers to Old Grandparent Purchasing gifts 18 to 65-year-old both genders who like whatever category of item you are advertising. Currently
Most of our order are from the USA Around 10% from the Uk and a few from Canada/Australia and the rest of Europe.

Customer Acquisition

Customers have been acquired primarily via Instagram Influencers but recently we have started FB Ad Campaigns which represents 95% of total traffic.
While direct traffic driven by SEO represents 5% of the total traffic.
Our CAC (customer acquisition cost) is approximately $5-8 per customer for new customers but of course for different adsets that number can be lower.

Customer Retention

Customers are retained by advertising new products and sending out promotion via a mailing list.
The mailing list currently has 11000+ active subscribers.
Our Retargeting Campaigns see Cost of Purchases around $4.

Seller Notes

This store is definitely capable of maintaining and scaling the current revenue and projection that It is one and like mentioned previously. If we start adopting new marketing mediums such as all the social media platforms out there and build out new funnels and strategies to advertise our items such as Clicks funnels then We can expect to see a lot of success. Again all the operations that we are running are still in place and the store is still functioning well.


  • Social Accounts and Mailing List
  • Website and Domains