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Blair Quane

New zealand

About the Seller

New Zealand based and original owner of the business. Owned successful Amazon business in Automotive niche before this, which was sold early 2018. Manages this business now but also has a portfolio of non-Amazon websites which are now demanding of his time.

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Executive Summary

Established storefront in the home and sports niches selling on Amazon USA and Canada. Primed for someone to ramp up sales with 5 existing products. Has a 4.8/5 star rating. The product range is mixed and custom which helps to spread market risk. Seller has not been very active in the business during 2018 and it could show some even better returns with more time put into it.


Established Date
Average Monthly Revenue
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$6,352 USD
Average Monthly Profit
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$449 USD
Overall Margin
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  • Multiple products in multiple sub-categories which spread the risk of competition.
  • Established products which have been in Amazon's system for a while with ranking.
  • Unique custom products where there are no duplicates on Amazon. Designed by us.
  • Good reviews and the number of reviews which is hard to now get with new products launched on Amazon.
  • FBA model so a lot of the business after a sale is completely hands off.
  • In a market where there is a ton of support software for every area of Amazon sales.
  • Established suppliers willing to continue the relationship.


  • Simply spending some time tweaking the listings on Amazon will reap revenue increases as I have not had time to do this properly over the last 12 months.
  • Re-ordering the Ice Bucket product as this is currently out of stock will be a good way to quickly increase sales as this is one of the oldest most established products in the range.
  • Off Amazon advertising to draw more traffic to the listings is an opportunity to get more sales and in turn, improve your Amazon rank for that product which in turn increases your organic Amazon search sales.
  • Promotion and growth of the Shopify store will lead to more profitable sales as you are not having to pay the Amazon success fees for each sale.
  • Adding additional complementary products to boost the brands offering will be a big earner.
  • Looking for other channels off Amazon like retailers for the diffusers etc could be a good way to really ramp up the sales volumes.


The owners time in the business right now is about 1 hr per week but this is just a maintenance role. Someone looking to grow the current revenue could spend 8 hrs per week to see results. Currently, the owner's main role is to keep an eye on stock and when low, reorder this from the suppliers in China. Customer support would be maybe one inquiry every two weeks so is very minimal.


Amazon FBA does all fulfillment.
The business has a VA in the USA who handles any returns which cannot be put back into the FBA system. She would be transferred as part of the sale. Her time is very minimal so this is something a buyer could take on themselves if based in the USA.


The owner has fully optimized the listings of the products on Amazon's catalog so that the images, keywords, descriptions etc are all working to position the products well in the Amazon search results.


This business was started in early 2016 and products were added one by one. The products are all in different niches of the home and sports category which helps to protect from competition. The business really needs someone keen to inject some more time and energy into it as it has all the foundations to be a very profitable storefront.


Profile and segmentation

Customers mainly come from the USA and Canada but the products can be sold worldwide as well as from Amazon's Platform.

Customer Acquisition

All customers are Amazon platform/search engine. Options for increasing this traffic off Amazon would include advertising and promotions via Facebook, Google Ads, email promo’s etc.

Seller Notes

The diffuser product was out of stock in Feb and March 2018.
Ice bucket product went out of stock in Feb 2018 and we haven’t re-stocked but there is a good opportunity to do so as it is a good profitable product and is really well established. We had a re-stock order for 2018 but it was destroyed in a truck crash and so it took us a while to resolve the insurance on this and we haven’t re-ordered since then.



  • ~9K Inventory
  • Amazon storefront