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Frank Foley

United states

About the Seller

Frank's interest in starting a digital business stemmed from a need to support his family financially whilst traveling full time around the USA.

Frank has a degree in Communication and Business and runs the day to day operations of the business. His career started in Corporate Real Estate and Retail.

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Executive Summary

For sale is Gypsy Cart Amazon FBA storefront. The storefront has been in operation since April 2015. The business sells 6 products into the US, 2 of which also sell in the UK, and EU. The account maintains a 94% positive rating over the trailing 12 months (265 ratings) The business has a 38% growth rate over 2017 YTD.


Established Date
Average Monthly Revenue
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$33,358 USD
Average Monthly Profit
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$3,396 USD
Overall Margin
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  • Products sell perennially with a slow down during the summer months.
  • Camping products have been designed to sell well during the summer months
  • Strong listings on the 4 main products with conversion rates of 35-53%
  • Strong sales opportunity on the camping products which have not been strongly marketed as yet.


  • Expand marketing efforts across social media accounts. Strong opportunity to expand the website and drive sales through Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • Grow sales within Amazon marketplace, in the USA and abroad­ in the UK/EU with the new camping product line.
  • Further marketing efforts and expansion of product line in the European marketplaces.
  • Extension into other online marketplaces such as Etsy, Shopify, Walmart,
  • Further development of the B2B system is also a very good opportunity.
  • Transfer of all manufacturing to China is immediately possible and would increase margins dramatically.
  • Improve margins by moving to over-sea shipping with larger orders
  • Maintain the US supplier relationships in order to make US inventory orders when time is of the essence. US manufacturers can have orders to the FBA warehouses in 2 weeks maximum. These US manufacturers would also be available should any new US­ China tariffs impact importation costs. Development of new marketplaces would allow maximum efficiency by increasing Minimum Order Quantities to lower manufacturing costs. Larger orders could also lower shipping costs.


The current owners spend approximately 12 hours a week in the business. This time is consumed by:

  • managing inventory levels
  • customer service
  • preparing orders.
  • Some time is spent updating Social media accounts however this effort has been under-serviced over the past 6 months and there is good opportunity to increase this effort to grow brand awareness.
  • VA’s are tasked with running sponsored ads at a cost of $90 per product per month.


Customers are from the United States, looking to purchase unique and useful tools to help make their lives a little easier.
Customers are acquired by:

  • PPC
  • Organic Amazon SEO
  • Organic from reading recipe idea's on website

Seller Notes

The owner is happy to spend required time with the buyer to ensure a smooth transition of the business and processes.