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Brett Bohannon

United states

About the Seller

Brett Bohannon started his journey as an entrepreneurial at a young age selling golf balls found in the bushes to golfers for a quarter. As a side hustle while doing an outside sales job he started RVBB INC. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a field of study in business and regional development.

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Executive Summary

RVBB INC started in May 2016 with the sole focus of building brands on Amazon. RVBB INC currently has 3 brands under the company Leboha®, Mana Vibes, Mama-b-good and sells 95 individual products. Products are sold through Amazon, website, eBay, and Etsy. Jet is a new channel that we are exploring with some products up and running. The storefront maintains a 97% positive feedback rating over the last 12 months (175 ratings).

The business has been running for over two years and its success is to the longevity of products and excellent reviews and Amazon choice banners for highly searched keywords. Customer service played a large factor when operating the business and reviews show for this. A large season for growth is Q4 starting in late October - December.


Established Date
Average Monthly Revenue
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$23,992 USD
Average Monthly Profit
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$4,730 USD
Overall Margin
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  • The account has an excellent seller performance rating and is ungated in all categories on Amazon, the opportunity to sell all different product is there. Seller feedback is 98% with 459 feedback reviews.
  • Inventory management has been neglected and reorder has been as well due to funding going into another business of current owner. Two of the best selling products have been out of stock for the past 30-45 days. Full access to suppliers who want to help grow the business.


  • The opportunity for potential buyers is to continue to diversify the product line while piggybacking on existing listings with new designs. Social advertising has shown to work very well in the essential oil jewelry niche. Product in stock is also a key opportunity for the new buyer.
  • Current owner has expanded internationally to Canada and the EU. There is a great opportunity to expand the product line in these markets. The sale will include all Amazon channels. Current owner also has the capability to get into the Transparency program that is set forth by Amazon to help with counterfeit products, allowing nobody else to sell on the current listings.
  • Opportunity to grow brand via direct/social marketing with 704 email subscribers, 887 followers on Instagram, 304 on Facebook and a Pinterest account with 3,000 monthly viewers.


The current owner only works on the business 2-3 hours per week:

  • Checking sales
  • Monitoring feedback and product reviews via seller central
  • Ordering product by email and WhatsApp


  • The majority of the customers are in the USA with some coming from EU and Canada.
  • Customer acquisition is achieved through organic Amazon marketplace and trusted badges through Amazon “Amazon Choice”. No current PPC is in place.
  • No efforts are spent to remarket to past customers

Seller Notes

The owner is currently selling to focus his time on a new business venture and he is willing to spend as much time as needed getting the buyer acquainted with everything that is needed to take over the business