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DealFlow Brokerage

United states

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Dealflow Brokerage, a premium end-to-end M&A Advisory firm which helps entrepreneurs buy and sell high-value web companies. In the five years since it launched, Dealflow has facilitated more than $43 million in sales.

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Executive Summary

Successful business with 10 years of history developing, selling, and supporting WordPress themes and Plugins.

The owner started the business in 2008 and has since grown it into the recognizable brand that it is today with 9 employees and global sales. The company's high quality, niche specific templates have been well received by users and reviewers alike.

After successfully starting growing and running the business for the last decade the owner has decided the time is right to pursue other passion projects.


Established Date
Average Monthly Revenue
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$30,125 USD
Average Monthly Profit
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$22,434 USD
Overall Margin
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There are several growth opportunities a new owner could pursue, including:

Expand Product Offering: WordPress theme businesses have a close correlation between stabilization/growth and the number of themes released each year. It is recommended that new ownership continue growth by adding more themes and catering to different niches.

Leverage Domain Authority: The business has substantial domain authority and is a recognizable brand in what has become an industry saturated with competitors. This affords the business the competitive advantage of having an established presence that new competitors have to fight very hard for and often fail to achieve.

Affiliate Relationships: While the industry itself is saturated with competitors this also breeds new opportunities to partner with complimentary products and add affiliates. The new owner could further develop the affiliate program to diversify revenue streams.

Advertising, Marketing & Social Media: This business has underperformed in this sector. A new owner with experience advertising through Adwords and social media channels could instantly see a return on their initial investment and continued growth.


The business is monetized through WordPress themes and plugin software sales. Offering products for individual purchase as well as a Club Membership subscription.

The templates are fully developed in-house and the staff continually work to release new themes and stay current. Trained staff run the majority of the daily operations. The owner spends between 5-10 hours per week overseeing the business.

The owner spends 5-10 hours a week overseeing the business. Responsibilities include administrative tasks, employee oversight, and business development. The remaining responsibilities are delegated to the 7 full-time employees including:

  • a Programming Lead
  • one Programmer
  • Designer
  • Office Administrator
  • and three Support Personnel

A Freelance Designer is outsourced for design work when a new design is required.


Happy to discuss in further detail when we schedule a meeting.

Seller Notes

This asset sale includes the website, 100 templates & 57 Plugins/add-ons, customer data, social media and payment processor accounts as well as the continued efforts of the current employees should the new owner wish to retain them.


  • Domain
  • Website
  • 100 Templates
  • 57 Plug Ins & Addons
  • Social Media Accounts