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Dubleup is an Australian based tech business housed under Red White Blue Group Pty Ltd. Dubleup’s focus is to lead innovation for products that people need everyday. This is achieved by creating simple and beautiful designs, which will ensure ease of use and seamless integration into customers everyday life.

The credit card sized power bank is Dubleup’s debut into the tech world. Following from the success of the powerbank Dubleup has designed adaptors, cables and card keepers (all for sale online), while at the same time partnering with companies world-wide to sell their products through our sale channels.

Dubleup’s creations have passed Apple’s MFI certifications and world-wide safety testing standards. For further information please head to: https://mfi.apple.com/MFiWeb/getAPS, search “brand” then Dublup.


All tasks are performed by the sole owner operator. Madeleine spends 25-30 hours per week working on the business.

Sourcing and product development

Products are designed and developed in house. The additional products Dubleup sells on its website are sourced externally from obrelo.com - The products on obrelo.com are drop shipped from China.

Supplier Relations

Dubleup has partnered with a team in China, which includes: engineers, designers, marketers, customer relation officials and R&D staff. The team handles all aspect of the product, from inception right through to warehousing and shipment to 3PL warehouses.


Dubleup has 2 fulfilment sites, in America and China.

Current Inventory Levels

  • Dubleup’s Credit Card Sized Power Bank - Apple - Black: 664pcs - $10.25USD each
    • Silver: 1370pcs - $10.25USD each
    • Gold: 1532pcs - $10.25USD each
  • Dubleup’s Credit Card Sized Power Bank - Android - Black: 1542pcs - $6.45USD each
    • Silver: 1546pcs - $6.45USD each
    • Gold: 1588pcs - $6.45USD each
  • Dubleup’s Card Keeper: 740pcs - $0.25USD each
  • Dubleup’s Micro-USB to Lightning Adaptor: 1797pcs - $4USD each


Completed by Madeleine

Customer Service

Completed by Madeleine via email.


Customer acquisition

To date, customers have been acquired via Dubleup’s social channels and SEO.
Dubleup also undertook PR work during its Kickstarter Campaign which yielded success in the UK.

Customer Retention

Dubleup’s website is hosted on Shopify. Shopify provides multiple apps to assist in sales, increases of basket sizes and to ‘assist’ customers in spending more money upon checkout.

Dubleup also ensures new products are offered on the website and other sales channels. Dubleup ensures they are up to date on trends and fashions, which sees customers coming back.


Strengths Of The Business

  • Highly competitive designs, protected by intellectual property law.
  • Successful PR and kickstarter campaign.
  • Strong relationship with Chinese manufacturer. Their team includes engineers, R&D, designers, product marketers and sales consultants
  • Diversified revenue streams.
  • All operations are outsourced

Strengths Of The Product

  • The Size of a Credit Card - Ultra-Light and Ultra-Thin
  • Built in Lightning/Micro-USB cable
  • Small and portable
  • LED lights indicate charge status of power bank
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Approvals in Australia/NZ, USA and Europe
  • MFI testing approved
  • Battery output: 1280 mAh
  • Dubleup's power bank fits into your purse or wallet, integrating seamlessly into your everyday life
  • Safety approvals have been obtained in respective countries
  • No need to carry around additional cables, due to integrated charging cable
  • The perfect solution for those who choose not to carry big, bulky and cumbersome power banks
  • Allows in excess of 500 charge cycles
  • Supports Apple products with a lightning port
  • Provides additional power for when your phone is low on charge

The Opportunity

  • Implement new marketing strategies
  • Build upon existing relationships
  • Expand basket size of existing customers
  • Sell products on amazon marketplaces

Considerations For Buyers

Dubleup’s credit card sized power bank has only been manufactured with a Micro-USB adaptor and a lightning adaptor. Dubleup has developed prototypes for Type-C adaptors, if the new owner so wishes, they will be able to manufacture these power banks.

Seller Notes

Reasons For Selling

The sole-owner operator is putting the business on the market to raise capital for a new venture outside the tech industry. Madeleine is also looking for a lifestyle change, she has spent her early twenties breathing life into this company but is now looking to free herself up to pursue different interests.

Product Design

Dubleup owns the mould for the power bank and also has approvals by Apple for multiple other products. Dubleup’s IP is protected legally within Australia and the Madrid Protocol has been established to protect Dubleup in certain countries, which we have elected. Upon the purchase of Dubleup, you may wish to elect more countries within the Madrid Protocol to ensure Dubleup is protected in additional countries. Please feel free to enquire if you’d like more information about IP protection.



About the Seller

Private Seller

Madeleine Saric


Madeleine is entrepreneurial at heart and has always had a passion for tech. She has completed a double bachelor's degree in Law and commerce and has international business experience working as an intern at Bean Partners Venture Capital & Private Equity, London, legal firms within Australia and working with Dubleup.

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