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atWar is a multiplayer strategy game in the vein of Risk, Civilisation and Axis & Allies. It has been running smoothly for 8 years with constant improvements and has a large dedicated community creating new maps, scenarios and tournaments. Many of our players have been around for over 6 years! There are hundreds of daily registrations (with absolutely no marketing from us) and hundreds of players online at any given time. There is a community-supported localization available in 30 languages.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g039Xaykrp4


*Customer Profile and Segmentation *

Our target market is 15 to 40 year olds with an interest for strategy games.
42% of our customers are from the US, another 14% are from the UK, Canada and Australia. 25% are from Europe (UK: 5%).

*Customer Acquisition *

Customer have been acquired primarily via organic Google search (52% of total traffic).
Direct traffic driven by SEO represents 39% of the total traffic.

*Customer Retention *

There are no special measures in place for customer retention, other than game mechanics. With a system of leveling up and unlocking new features and upgrades, players are encouraged to come back. An active community plays a big part in retention as well.




Main features

Playable online in a browser, no download needed
Realistic maps with hundreds of cities
Up to 20 players in one game
Unique free unit movement (no grid)
Rich variety of units and strategies
Players can create own maps and scenarios

The game follows a 'freemium' model. The basic gameplay is free, but there are premium subscriptions and various perks that can be purchased with the game's own currency, 'ProtoCoins'. Being multiplayer-only, the game requires a constant server connection, so piracy is never a problem.

Support required

Most of the functions are fully automated, so there is only a couple of hours of player support needed a week. We employ a part-time developer to deal with that and any arising technical issues. He knows the game and the code inside out and will be happy to work for a new employer if his services are needed.

Future opportunities

There are plenty of potential growth opportunities with a bit of actual marketing – we have only been relying on word of mouth and organic Google search traffic. The game would also benefit from more player engagement - regular updates, discounts and in-game events (for example, tournaments). More aggressive monetization will be another way to boost revenue - our current model is very lenient, allowing for comfortable free play in perpetuity. More in-game items and services can be added to buy with the game currency - the current selection is very limited and players often don't know what to spend their ProtoCoins on.

Revenue notes

Revenue can be a bit inconsistent, ranging between $1000 and $4000 a month, depending on the time of year and player engagement. Here are previous years' revenue figures:

2017: $26,326
2016: $31,796
2015: $30,329
2014: $38,707
We used to be more involved in player engagement, which is reflected in higher numbers for the previous years.

Main strengths

Very low maintenance, fully automated
Low operating costs
Unique product with almost no competition
Highly dedicated player base
Impossible to pirate
Available in 30 languages

Total registered users: 756071
Total active users: 8241
Average revenue per paying user: $22
Percentage of paying users: 1% (plenty of room for improvement here!)
Average unique users per month: 30000

Server: Windows Server 2012 R2
Frontend: PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, Knockout
Backend: .NET Service in C#, SignalR

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

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About the Seller

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Ivan Suslin


The owners are two brothers from Finland/UK with background in software and web development. atWar was their passion project which started 10 years ago and continuously evolving since then.

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