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Essentially Gulf365 was designed to collect news from all sources automatically and focus exclusively on small cap tokens and write some articles about cryptocurrency.

Gulf365 News was created to provide free for all news to millions of readers. Visitors return to Gulf365 News daily and engage in a variety of content. Gulf365 News appeals to a wide range of audiences and has shown consistent growth since its start.

Gulf365, is a trending News website approved Google News with a clean and natural link profile that's pulling in a steady stream of global, but primarily Arab gulf visitors that pour in from a variety of sources.

The site also has more than 2,654 user subscribers who have signed up to receive the site's push notifications - all of whom are managed via a SendPulse account that is included with the sale of the site.


The expenses to running the business are not much. The seller puts the website on hetzner server because he has a lot of tools that are "heavy" and not suitable for smaller servers. So hosting is expensive at about $50 / month.

For product development 99% of the work has been done. So not much is needed there. However, in the past I needed to hire a developer (who is also willing to continue working if you require his help) for $15 / hour or you can request full management plan by mubashier.com at a cost of $ 2500 paid one time. However, currently development work is not needed unless you want to upgrade features.

The last expense is content creation. The seller does most of the writing himself but you can easily outsource writing.


The customers are entrepreneurs based on the blockchain technology, they ask us for some services such as publishing news or make reviews about the project or putting a widget or putting a logo or banner on our site and they pay through their cryptocurrency.




Website Characteristics

1) Ave. Mo. User = 100,000

2) Ave. Mo. Page views = 150,000

3) Ave. Session Duration = 01:10

Top 3 Country Users

1) Egypt = 51,764

2) Saudi Arabia = 38,329

3) United Arab Emirates = 13,512

Top Acquisition Channels

1) Organic Search = 93,357 49%

2) Direct = 55,354 29%

3) Referral = 30,301 16%

Seller Notes


New owner will receive:

1) Domain gulf365.co

2) All web content

3) All products on website. All products are intangible (ad products, data products and listing service). All spreadsheets and customer information are also included.

4) Sendpulse accounty with around 2000 sendpush subscribers.

5) Social media accounts

6) Access to assistance for site development (writers, programmers, data entry).


There are many ways the future owner can improve the business:

The site's potential is massive as it has virtually limitless ability to expand into new keywords as it's a broad website and virtually everything is news at one point or another. In addition, traffic monetization efforts can be improved dramatically through the inclusion of more advertisements, testing new ad networks, and further customizing the placement and appearance of ads. Paid/sponsored content offers considerable opportunity in itself to further monetize the site, which could be achieved with a proper outreach program. With the site not buying any traffic, the opportunity to push paid traffic through the site is wide open.

Given the business large Facebook following, a new owner could take advantage of Facebook Instant Articles.

The new owner could also change hosting companies and/or optimize the website to improve its speed and significantly increase its organic traffic. This should help reduce the bounce rate on the site and increase the AdSense revenue generated. Making these changes, would also allow the owner to explore new opportunities with additional display networks that could quickly increase the profitability of the site.

Lastly, the new owner could explore site takeover opportunities or establish affiliate relationships.

Some advices

1) Be regular with content creation and engage in a more aggressive SEO campaign.

2) Create content on more than just the blog. Get on FB, YouTube. I've totally neglected advertising on this channels.


I put a mountain of work into Gulf365.co and I hesitated for a long time before deciding to sell. Selling the site has not been as easy decision for me to make. I know that Gulf365 isn't anywhere near it's full potential so I think in the right hands coinist could be a very profitable project.

If you're interested in buying the project please reach out to me.


You can check all payment from the following link:




Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

Not Included

About the Seller

Private Seller

Amera Atef


The seller has a bias towards product development and believes in strength during the early start up stages. He has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and has built and sold many successful projects in the past. His role is to conceptualize and then launch and grow new projects.

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