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Love Health? Love Fitness? Then this business is for you! Meal Prep Australia is Australia‘s #1 choice in Meal Prep Containers. We have gained some unbelievable media coverage. AND, we have also been contacted by Woolworths who are keen to have our product on their shelves due to the popularity of our brand.


This business is ran as a side business and is not a full-time gig for me. Please see below the 3 main tasks involved in running the business:

1.Marketing - is completed via Facebook and Instagram (1-2 hours per week)

2.Order processing - is completed by uploading orders to the shipping platform. I have VA who completes this (1-2 hours depending on volume of orders).

3.Customer Enquiries - this is also completed by my VA via Freshdesk (1-2 hours per week). The product can either be dropshipped or brought in bulk. Currently, we have brought in bulk and have the product in our warehouse however we have now secured a new supplier who can simply do dropshipping which will eliminate shipping the orders and holding stock.


The target market is focused on the health and fitness people. Our main market currently is woman however there is huge opportunity to now target men who are into fitness/health in Australia/Worldwide.



Seller Notes


Over the last 1.5 yrs, we have generated over $120K+ in sales, with each Qtr reaching new sales targets. The drop in sales is when I have brought in bulk from my supplier or brought office equipment such as laptops, desk, chairs etc.


Heavy use of social networks and SEO has been my main focus when getting traffic. As a result, this has gained media coverage on the following websites:


Future Opportunities

This business can go worldwide. America hasn’t really been hit by any other company and this is a huge opportunity for the new owners. However, this business could solely focus on the Australia market and introduce other products to complement meal prep containers.

What makes this website better than its competitors?

We are Australia’s # 1 Choice for Meal Prep Containers.

Post Sale

I’m willing to sign a non-compete contract. I’ll also be happy to provide 30 days of after sale support & training to ensure that the buyer is able to fully take over the website and there is a smooth transition.

Closing Remarks

This business has unbelievable media coverage, solid foundations on social networks and is ready for a new owner to take over. There is little effort required, 3-4 hours per week to continue the same level it is or if you want to grow this company then the sky’s the limit as it is a niche market which is currently untapped.



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This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

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Carley Phillips


Carley is a lover of starting businesses and making them into a success. She has created many successful businesses and has enjoyed running MPA however it is time to move onto other passions. Plus, she is an executive during the day and works on her side businesses at night, however, she needs to re-focus on a small portion of her businesses.

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