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Originally launched in April 2017, WIN-veilingen.nl is a 1.5-year-old auction site.

This Dutch language site primarily serves Belgium and the Netherlands with opportunities to expand internationally and enter new markets by offering multiple language versions.

The site is relatively easy to run-- the current owner estimating that he spends around 12 hours per week on the business.

How does it work?

Members buy bid credits. With these credits members place bids and there's an ultimate winner. The ultimate winner will receive their product direct from our partner(s).



  • Customer support (1 hr/day); about 10 tickets per day. Most are about how the site works.
  • Planning (1.5 hrs/wk); reschedule planning. If new products are added and seem to be popular, then old versions or other products will be removed.
  • General Administration (0.5 hr/wk); the basic bookkeeping needed for quarterly Dutch sales taxes. Fulfilment and Assembly
  • Fulfilment (1hr/week): Ordering products that are shipped to customers

Marketing and Business Development

  • Marketing, (1hr/week). Analysing response on advertisements and the budget that is set. Adjusting advertisements, removing expensive ones and testing with the ones that are most effective (testing with adjusted titles, other price categories)
  • Finding new products (1.5 hrs/wk);looking for new (tech) products to advertise with (phones, game consoles). Based on the response of the advertisements products are being auctioned or not.
  • Mailings (1.5 hrs/wk); sending out promotions / coupon codes to customers to increase sales.


Customer Profile and Segmentation

Our target market are 18-54 years old ones, with the majority being between 18 and 34 (49%). 60% is male, 40% is female. 70% is from the Netherlands, the other 30% come from Belgium.

Customer Acquisition

Customers have been acquired mostly through marketplace advertisement, mainly on Marktplaats (the biggest online marketplace in the Netherlands, owned by Ebay) 32% of all traffic comes from this platform, while 31% are coming through mailings. The other 37% come through either direct or organic search.

Customer Retention

Customer are retained promotion via a mailing list. The mailing list currently has 36,000 active subscribers with an open rate of 10%.



  • Freedom to run business from anywhere in the world
  • Multiple potential ways to grow business worldwide plus expanding through other sales channels
  • Fully automated business, mostly admin and marketing processes 13 hours per week
  • Only active player in Dutch & Belgium market


  • Implement paid content promotion strategy (outbrain, Facebook Ads, etc.)
  • International expansion
  • Introduce affiliate advertising and direct advertising as new revenue streams
  • Retargeting marketing
  • Optimize ad clicks through conversion optimization and alternative network experimentation
  • SEO & Adwords to improve organic search rankings

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Robbert D


Robbert is a 31-year-old Dutch entrepreneur, active in the internet industry for a couple of years with a background in the financial services industry. Active as an entrepreneur since 2011. He sold his business in the financial services industry in 2015.

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