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This is a service e-commerce website that provides traffic to website owners. Currently, the site is a growing traffic empire with 35k+ real active Emails lists. This offers an opportunity to buyers would would like to own a SEO business with fast paced growth opportunities in the online advertising industry. The buyer will receive ecommerce website platforms that help customers grow targeted traffic for their websites.

This platform has all the hard work done, the buyer would just need to maintain and grow it by following our detailed plan. The Seller is an expert, that has spent much time to optimize the process, understand market trends, and continue consistent profits.


As mentioned, the business is easy to run as the process is straight-forward as:

Step 1: Buyer places an order through the website, and you get paid directly to your Stripe account or paypal.

Step 2: You get the order details, and you 100% outsource the order. ( you don’t need to learn any new skills)

Step 3: The owner sends the results report to the buyer and keep the profits.

Note: If you need More info please Send me PM message .


General Administration (5-10 hrs/wk); depending on the sales volume it only requires about 1 to 2 hours per week.

Customer Support (1-5 hrs/wk); depending on the volume. The Seller takes this as a chance to make customers advocates of the business brand by delivering high quality and personalized answers/solutions to customers.
Fulfillment: It takes about 1 hr or 2 hrs a day to manage this business, depending on the sales volume.

Note Optional: The business have 1 Virtual Assistant. The Seller claims that the VA understands the business very well, is self-sufficient and communicative of any issues that’s encountered. As discussed, the VA works part time and runs the order processing/support for $100 a month.

Marketing and Business Development

Marketing. Most of the traffic to this website is from Email marketing and Influencer Marketing. The Seller used Mailchimp for email marketing. The Seller believes that email marketing is key to any business and have had very successful campaigns. One of the techniques used by the Seller is offering coupon codes, this has resulted very well for the promotions of the business. Though, the Seller believes that in order to get a marketing campaign to do its job, the new owner would have to nurture the leads and customers with content that gives them a better understanding and value behind this business. This process is very simple to setup and is included in Mailchimp as a feature.

Business Development (0 hrs); currently no time was spent on business development it all has already been set up. There are interesting options to explore such as listed in Opportunities section.


Customer Profile and Segmentation

Currently, it’s at 20-32%. This is all a very manual process for customers to re-order from us. Simply adding a recurring subscription model will raise this percentage up dramatically and easily double revenues.

Customer Acquisition

Source of traffic to the website is email campaigns. The list of more than 35,000 real active Emails list is already included in this sale. Emails are sent to users a few times a day automatically.

Customer Retention

Customer are retained by advertising new products and sending out promotion via mailing list.




This listing presents a fantastic opportunity for an internet marketing to add on a service and income stream. For a motivated investor focused on traffic and revenue growth, here are some ideas to consider that the seller hasn’t focused on.


  • Simple and Straight-Forward steps to run the business
  • Full after-sale support and training on all aspects of running the business for 30 days. This will include transition support and marketing advice.
  • Business includes a premium domain name with 5 year revenues history
  • 35,000 real active Emails lists
  • Minimal Work required from the Buyer as currently - It takes about 1 hr or 2 hrs a day to manage this business, depending on the sales volume.

*Opportunities : *

  • Run promotions - Email marketing Focus on reviews. Sell larger packages. Offer more upgrades. Re-targeting campaigns. Expand advertising on FB + Adword+ different marketing forms like blackhatworld etc.
  • Banner Exchanges – This channel is another method of driving more qualified leads. The goal is to find websites and other opportunities where your Buyers would be surfing. Buying directly from these websites is typically a contract that includes paying for a banner space.
  • Upsells – One of the opportunities we discussed was to add more upsells and products to the site. When our customers are buying traffic, they are looking for new innovate ways to get more traffic to their website. They are also looking for growth opportunities and ways to optimize their websites. Simply offering an eBook or additional offer during checkout would be a great way to increase revenues.
  • Partnerships – Simply setting up partnerships with web developers and others would quickly increase revenues. Affiliate marketing is a great idea that other competitors must live off. Fortunately, we have never taken that route and this can easily double sales without any additional effort other than paying out referral commissions.

Seller Notes

What is required to keep the business operational?

Basic knowledge of internet marketing, and some experience running an online business.

Why are you selling the business?

I want to switch over to the SaaS/Software industry and focus on my other projects.

How does the business generate revenue?

This business is for anyone looking to make an extra $2,500 - $3,500 per month with relative ease. The site is selling Seo Services to small and medium businesses.

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?

Hosting 30$/ Year
Domain 9$/Year
Email Marketing 10$/month
Outsourcing 150$
Virtual Assistant 100$ / month (depend on you continue or leave)

What is included in the sale?

Premium Domain Almost 6-year-Old
Website files
35k+ real active Emails lists
Pre-made answers to sales questions
Personal Tips/Advices on how to handle clients & Answers to most FAQ that help close sales.
All related, images, content, logos, etc.
Special Bonus : Some Very High Quality Premium Softwares

Gsa Search Engine Ranker + license key
GSA Captcha Breaker + license key
GSA SEO Indexer+ license key
GSA Premade templates for very easy to use
Ser Verified lists

What platform / software does the website sit on?

WordPress and WooCommerce

Do you have employees? If so, please identify their title and full/part time status.

Yes, we have 1 Virtual Assistant. She understands the business very well, is self-sufficient and will let you know if she runs into any troubles. As discussed, she is part time and runs the order processing/support for $100 a month.

*What skills would you suggest a new owner have to effectively run the business? *

Simple communication skills. The work is very easy & most sales questions are the same. The new owner will receive pre-made answers to sales questions which have had an extremely high closing rate.

*Will there be any issues with a new owner taking over for the business, even if they live internationally? *


*How long does it take to manage this business? *

It takes about 1 hr or 2 hrs a day to manage this business, depending on the sales volume.

Time per week: 5-10 hours per week

Main Services:

We are selling the following services


Since all work are outsourced, you do not need to learn any new skill etc...


The business continues to make tens of thousands a year in profit. You cannot do any less than what is currently running, so it is all uphill from here. We are happy to explain the process and answer any questions the Buyer may have. We will include 30 days of advice to make sure the transition runs smooth.

The Transfer process will be seamless. We have prepped everything for a quick transfer and have all the documentation so you can get going immediately. You will also receive access to all of the branding, logos, graphics, and other resources needed to run the business.

A new owner will be acquiring an established brand with a solid reputation in one of the most in-demand services on the internet.

Anything else you’d like to add to help any potential buyers understand the business?

The SEO industry is HUGE and constantly growing. $65 Billion in 2016. Estimated $72 Billion by 2018, and $79 Billion by 2020. The new owner has a major advantage over most SEO agencies out there and there are so many growth opportunities. So many SEO agencies getting clients but not being able to deliver the results (which you can make joint ventures with).

There are a lot of other scalable opportunities such as this business in the near future. Everything is already set in motion for the new owner and they will be getting more than what they are paying for.


Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

Not Included

About the Seller

Private Seller

Sarfraz Hussain


The seller is a professional Web Developer with over 9 years industry experience. Additionally, the seller has experience in being an SEO Specialist in White Hat SEO techniques, SMM, SEM, Web Traffic and a High Authority Backlinks/building expert. Lastly, the seller is the owner of the business for sale in this listing.

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