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Organic Visit is a Premium Organic Website Traffic provider, their main service is driving traffics / visitors to any websites in order to help any website's owner monetize their businesses and gain more revenues. Organic Visit has wide client portfolios from businesses like Startup, E-commerce, Blogs, Crypto, Tech, News, Magazine, Health, Ventures and so on.

Established in mid 2017, Organic Visit has a good upward trending in revenues (From January until now, see the attachment) and creates a good impact for their client's business growth proofed by more than 50% returning clients in the past 30 days. Their business portfolio is also strengthened by the partnership with Stack Commerce, a big name in a deal site that features Organic Visit's deals in big sites like Engadget.com, TheNextWeb.com, MakeUseOf.com, and many more (Commission base).

Organic Visit's average revenues from past 6 months (April - September 2018 data in P&L , Sales from website + Stack Commerce) has an average of $2441 - average expenses $216 = $2225/month average profit, In short, the profit margin in the last 6 months is around 91%. Site's operational time requires 1-2 hours/day (replying email, setting orders, clients acquisition).

Starting January 2019, OrganicVisit.com and StackCommerce are not planning to continue their partnership anymore due to insignificant earnings.



  • Customer support (30 mins/day); about 30-50 tickets /emails per week. Most are about orders activation and leads questions about the services


  • Setting up the order (3 mins/order); setting up client's order based on the information that we received from the orders form that client's filled on the website.

Marketing & Business Development

  • Acquiring new clients/ leads (30-60 mins/day); this is not mandatory, but if you would like to get new sales every day, you need to do this every day to get more leads/clients.
  • Link Building tasks for SEO (15 mins/day) : could be outsourced in micro jobs/ freelancers


Customer Profile and Segmentation

Organic Visit's target market on any website from small, medium, big site that needs traffic to grow their business portfolios or revenues. Around 40% from the United States and rest from Worldwide (see attachment). Repeat clients more than 50% up until now (October 2018).

Customer Acquisition

New leads/clients mostly come from Search Engines, Social Media and Email Marketing.

All free of cost, for Social Media we had auto posts the content from our blogs, and for the Email Marketing, we had our own application and huge client's database to reach them out.

Customer Retention

Customers are retained by sending out promotion via email at the end of their campaign's period or in any special events or holidays.





  • Strong niche : "Website Traffic", high demand service which every website needs nowadays in digital era
  • Very easy to operate and set the orders, does not require any technical bits of knowledge.
  • Cheaper (competitive) pricing compares to other competitors
  • Unique website designs
  • Operational time only requires 1-2 hours/day for replying emails, setting orders, and clients acquisition, please kindly note this would increase if you had more clients and orders in the future, but you could always hire a reliable virtual assistance to run it for you.
  • Website's SEO optimized for organic traffic relevant keywords /niche, Good DA/PA 30+ and strong backlinks portfolios. (see attachment)
  • Partnership with Stack Commerce since January 2018, they had listed our website's deal in some of the big sites like : Engadget.com, TheNextWeb.com, MakeUseOf.com and many more in their networks.
  • Returning clients are high and increasing on a monthly basis (more than 50% in October 2018)


  • We had our own effective ways to drive more targeted leads and visitors in order to increase more sales. We would expose how we do it exclusively to our buyers.
  • Big Opportunity to gain more sales through Stack Commerce's promotion/offer.
  • Scale this business higher through Social media/Ads.
  • Create a lot of websites with any niches and drives traffic from this service to gain revenues.
  • Create an app for this website traffic and get funds from venture capital or angel investors.
  • Sales from Reseller / Affiliates (Banners and Materials included)

Seller Notes

This business is owned by me, and my brother who operates Organic Visit from 2 different countries, each of us has our daytime job and do this business as our side job. I handled the technical side like setting up orders etc , on the other hand he handles the clients' support via email.

We are selling this site because the site is growing bigger in terms of clients and sales that we need to handle in the future, we think it is the right time to pass it on and hope the buyer could upscale this business furthermore in the right direction.

Organic Visit's traffic statistic is not high, but highly targeted (high convert). We do not use the website traffic services itself to Organic Visit because of the restriction to use the website traffic as reseller of Dedicated Servers and implement it to Organic Visit, all clients orders are running in multiple Dedicated Servers, and currently, there are more than 100+ ongoing orders running and managed by us.

In this Q4 term, usually more websites' owner needs more traffic to increase their revenues. If you grab this opportunity to acquire our website faster, you might get more sales and profit.

We would provide full documentation, and 3 months post sale support.



  • 3 Months post sale support
  • Chat application account
  • Clients Email Database
  • All Social Media accounts
  • StackCommerce's Account
  • Domain, Email and Website

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.


About the Seller

Private Seller

Hendri Wigunah


Xen is a business minded entrepreneur and SEO enthusiast, his main interest and passion are mostly in Startups, Digital Tech and Online Marketing. He is currently working as an IT Manager in an Insurance firm.

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