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The business name is RegisWebDesign, which began it's operations on June 1st, 2018. RegisWebDesign is a website design agency that caters to the mass market by designing quality websites. There is a huge demand for website designing services everywhere in the world today and with the proliferation of the internet and eCommerce, it is only going to get bigger.

RegisWebDesign is set up to serve that need. Customers will be contacted or they will contact us to let us know their projects that they would like some help. They can choose from CMS solutions, Small business website/blogs and Ecommerce websites. Communication will be initiated and payment will be completed from the customer to us before commencing on the project.



Customer Support (1-2 hrs per week): This is only required when customer email you and ask for updates. Otherwise, you will only need to contact them once the supplier has completed the order. Generally speaking, l customer support is little to none as most customers know that you need time to design a website and that is pre-frame when you transact with them earlier on.

General Administration (0.5 hrs per week): Basic bookkeeping for quarterly transactions.


Fulfillment: All fulfillment is done by external suppliers. You do not need to know of any coding or technical knowledge to do this business. Once customer confirms an order, you will then forward the required information to a supplier to complete the order. Once the order is completed, you will then communicate with the customer that the order has completed. All communication with customers will be done through email.

Marketing and Business Development:

Marketing (3 hours per week): I used a combination of ways to drive traffic to the business. Email marketing, solo ads, adswaps, secret proprietary software to generate targeted leads, Google adwords, Email marketing. The seller is constantly explore various ways to drive targeted traffic and will share these with the auction winner.

Business Development (0 hour): Currently, the seller did not spend much time to develop this business outside of what he is doing now. But there is a huge potential moving forward. Facebook and other paid traffic methods should be explored to further grow this business.Partnerships with SEO companies to offer a winning relationship is also a good move to be considered.


Customer Profile and Segmentation:

Our target market is anyone who has a business and wants an online presence. They could also have an online presence but want to improve on their website appearance to become more professional. All of the customers are currently from the USA although the market is for all countries.

Customer Acquisition:

Customer have been primarily acquired from solo ads/adswaps and using the software. It represents about 70% of the total traffic. The rest of the 30% will be from Google adwords, email marketing. The CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is $70.

Customer Retention:

Customers normally come back once wanted something else done for another website after they have a previous transaction with us. There is no customer repurchase cost as customers engage us again because they are satisfied with our services.





  • Make margins of thousands on each order from reputable suppliers
  • Catchy and Premium Domain
  • Ability work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • 100% outsourced business
  • Site is on Wordpress, no website maintenance is required. Fully customizable to your own liking
  • Does not require any knowledge about Web Design. Everything is outsourced
  • Very newbie friendly and non-technical.
  • All original and custom logos and banners created by the seller
  • Multiple ways to generate revenue so that you do not rely on only one source
  • It only takes about 1-2 hours a day to manage the business, depending on sales volume.


  • Expand on this business to sell customers SEO services once they have their websites design
  • Repeat customer purchases for other websites or having a recurring fees in place for maintenance of websites
  • Include other services pertaining to design of other websites related services

Seller Notes

There are no revenue generated for September as the seller originally intended for this site to be listed last month and hence, have halt all marketing activities of this business.

Transfer process:

Easy transfer process. All domains are registered with Namesilo and can transfer them easily to your Namesilo account. He will package all the files into a folder and share it with you so you have a copy. The seller will install the whole website FOC for you if you have difficulties doing so yourself. He has seen others charge a fee for this. Note that existing customer base is not part of the sale.


  • Google Adwords Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Post Manager software ($47 Value)
  • A list of ad swaps and solo ad providers with my high converting squeeze page (Extremely valuable)
  • All original and custom logos and banners created by me (include all source files for easy customization) ($197 Value)
  • Theme, design and website files ($297 Value)
  • Catchy & Premium Domain

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

Not Included

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Li Yue Chan


Leon is an entrepreneur who owns multiple successful businesses online and offline. He has been involved with marketing online for a long time and has extensive experiences in various forms of marketing online and offline. Leon has a passion for all things online and is committed to helping his clients achieve success as well.

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