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HMW Publishing is a Canadian based Amazon publishing business, registered as a corporation. Its focus is to break down many of the complexities and science of nutrition and fitness in easy-to-read beginner’s guide books.

HMW Publishing’s book portfolio is composed of a wide range of books in the Health & Fitness niche, taking advantage of the health trends and ensuring an indefinite flow of readers seeking this valuable information. HMW Publishing books & audiobooks can be ordered worldwide throughout all international Amazon websites. Audiobooks can also be ordered worldwide through Apple iTunes or Amazon’s Audible websites.



  • General Administration (1 hrs/week); checking sales figures, basic bookkeeping.
  • Customer support (0.5 hrs/wk); specifically for eBay paperback sales, about 1-2 messages per week. Most are about shipment or tracking information. The owner takes this as a chance to make customers advocates of the brand by delivering high quality and personalized answers/solutions.
  • Communication with Subcontractors (1 hrs/week); following up and evaluating if the quality of any new books or book design drafts (if any).


  • Fulfillment (0.2 hrs/wk); All orders are fulfilled automatically by Amazon’s Print-On-Demand fulfillment. Once a paperback book order is placed through Amazon, it is automatically printed and shipped to the customer. Digital delivery of digital Kindle ebooks and Audiobooks is also all handled by Amazon. Orders specifically from eBay are fulfilled using Amazon’s Print-On-Demand service and require to input the order manually.

Marketing and Business Development

  • Marketing (0.5 hrs/wk); Amazon offers internal non-paid advertising for every book published 5 promotional dates are allowed to schedule free book promotion or book promotion countdown deals every 90 days.
  • Business Development (0 hrs); currently no time is spent on business development. There are interesting options to explore such as partnering with other sales channels and e-book aggregators platforms.


Customer Profile and Segmentation

Our target market is book readers interested in learning more about topics in the health & fitness niche.

Customer Acquisition

All book buyers are acquired directly through Amazon.





  • 100% ownership of all written books & audiobooks in a high in demand niche (portfolio valued at $10,000.00 - $15,000.00).
  • No inventory, Amazon’s takes care of digital delivery shipping and automatic Print-On-Demand fulfillment for paperback books and you collect royalties earned.
  • Freedom to run the business from anywhere in a world.
  • Multiple potential ways to grow business worldwide plus expanding through other sales channels.
  • Unique book designs.
  • Length of operation on Amazon and in the niche.
  • Fully automated business, mostly admin and planning processes 1-3 Hours per week.


  • Amazon Advertising.
  • Email Marketing
  • Distributing books on your own e-commerce (Shopify) website or other third party sales channel platforms outside of Amazon (Apple Books, Google Play Books, E-book Aggregators platforms, Physical bookstores locations).
  • Expanding book & audiobook portfolio.
  • Entering new foreign markets with translated books & audiobooks (less competition).

Seller Notes

Asking Price Note:
The books + audiobooks have costs us between $15K-$20K, this also excludes my own labor costs, this excludes the current ratings they have been reviewed for (average 4-5 out of 5 stars).

The business will do approx. $2,000 CAD in profit per month and is only increasing linearly (this month sales (October), which will be paid out end of next month is already on track to do over $4,000-$4,500 CAD in revenues with $600 only in expenditure and this isn't even our season - Our best months are NOV, DEC, JAN). So this business will easily do $30,000 - $35,000 CAD this year.

As of January 2018: We began aggressively increasing the number of books in our book portfolio. We went from 1 book to 87 books and 43 audiobooks today. (Broken down as follows: 25 single books in English have been translated into French and Spanish as well. Additionally, we have 12 English bundle books (combining single books together into a bundle deal). We also have 25 single audiobooks and 12 bundle audiobooks in English. The top 3 selling English single audiobooks have been recorded into French and Spanish audiobooks). This fiscal year we’ve slowed the numbers of new books being published, hence this explains the sudden increase in profits.

May 2018: We experimented running Amazon Paid Advertising. The results were very impressive in terms of Kindle sales (paid in July 2018). We almost broke-even with zero optimization. We had to shut the ads down as I did not have the time to analyze and optimize the advertising campaigns.

As the buyer, you will be getting all of the company's assets, including all of our book portfolio in digital files as well as the eBay templates we use. You will also get our login details to our Kindle Publishing (digital books), Createspace (Paperback books) and ACX (Audiobook) accounts (with future payouts included from previous months accumulated royalties). This also includes our email marketing subscription account containing approx. 309 emails of our book readers as well as the domain name (HMWPublishing.com).


  • Publishing Brand Domain name
  • Mail Marketing Subscription account containing now approx. 312 emails (growing by 1-2 books readers a day)
  • Login Details to our ACX (Audiobook) accounts
  • Future payouts from previous months accumulated royalties.
  • Login details to our Createspace (Paperback books)
  • Entire Book Portfolio in Digital Files

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

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Alex Kaplo


The seller is a bright and business-minded individual and constantly curious to learn more about all things related to entrepreneurship, and internet marketing. He has recently completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing in Canada. The seller has always had a passion for e-commerce and has previously run a successful eBay store.

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