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Two premier health and fitness brands. As a trusted information source, the company has tapped into several fitness verticals with success. Its portfolio includes digital workout programs, motivational music and supplements, along with a large presence. With millions of social media fans and a tremendous brand presence, the company has been a growing force in the fitness space with tremendous potential.

The company is offering two asset portfolios separately as follows:

Digital Workout System & Funnel

Asking Price: $240,000

Use this award-winning funnel and workout program for a consistent profit stream and bring fitness customers in to your products.

Portfolio Includes:

• Two Comma Club Funnel (Awarded by Clickfunnels.com for Producing over $1 Mil in a Calendar Year)

• Generated Over $2.8MM in revenue since 2016

• 35k Customers, 340K Email Opt-Ins to the Funnel

• Domain Name/Website 12k Unique Visitors/Month

• All content— Videos and Images to use for Advertising

• Digital Workout Program

• Member Site (Free & Paid Versions)

• Over 50,000 Sign-Ups to Free Platform Community

• 500k Facebook Fan Page

• 40,000 Instagram Follower Page

• Unlaunched Program as a $7 Product to Ladder People Up and Lure in Leads

• Video Library - Video Upsell Product

• Upsell Product

• 50% Rev Share Pre-Workout Supplement - 50 Current Active Subscriptions - Upsell

• Workout Generator - Technology to Give You an Algorithmic Workout Based on Various Inputs

• Email Marketing Sequence Fully in Place to Convert on Opt-Ins Using Active Campaign

• 340,000+ Email List Included in Sale - Opted in to Domain Name above - Roughly 10% Converted on a $97+ Product

Online Fitness Brand

Asking Price: $174,900

Use the enormous amount of fitness leads to sell your products to.

Portfolio Includes:

• Domain Name/Website - 80k Unique Visitors/mo.

• Over 1,500 Fitness Related Articles, Training and Nutrition and Marketing Videos - Featured on Major Publications like Sports Illustrated, Elite Daily

• Supplement Brands - 50% Rev Share Pre-Workout with 50+ Active Subscriptions, Hundreds of Protein Units in Stock

• 5+ Million MP3 Streams - Motivational Workout Music - Future royalties - Two #1 iTunes Albums in Fitness & Workout Category (Has Earned Over $340k in Revenue since 2013)

• 1.4 Million Follower Facebook Fan Page

• 194,000 Instagram Fan Page

• 11K YouTube Subscriber Channel

• 80K Member Private Facebook Group — 80k+ Fitness Enthusiasts, Growing by 2k Members Every Month, Collects Several Hundred Emails Per month, 8,500+ emails collected so far.

• Other popular fitness related ecommerce businesses – one is 33% partnership, other is fully owned

• 340,000+ Email List Included in Sale - Roughly 10% Converted on a $97+ Product

With millions of social media fans and a tremendous brand presence, this brand has been a growing force in the fitness space with tremendous potential. It is an ideal acquisition target for strategic buyers in the fitness related space that have existing infrastructure in place and skills to scale these established brands.






Customer Acquisition
The business has generated over 300,000 emails through mainstream marketing methods and advertising methods on Facebook and Instagram, bringing in over 70,000 members to their free membership platform and over 30,000 customers into their MP45 program.




• Tens of thousands of unique visitors per month
• 30,000 customers on its workout program
• 2 million Facebook fans with pages that have extremely high engagement
• 70,000 members on its Facebook group Fitness Enthusiasts
• 300,000+ e-mail subscribers
• 2 iTunes albums that generated over 5 million streams
• Generated over $2.8 Million in Revenue over the last 2 fiscal years from two main revenue streams: pay for work out program and two iTunes albums.

• Undervalued Assets – rebranding and transforming fitness community.
• App Technology – creating and leveraging new and existing apps.
• Online Retail – new products, get on Amazon.com, and create new apparel.
• Better Utilization of Assets – redesign website to utilize articles better as lead magnets, leverage the websites iTunes and Spotify albums for better engagement, and engage in giveaways.
• Fitness Events – competition for athletes

Seller Notes

This listing offers a unique opportunity to acquire future powerhouse in the lucrative fitness market and is an ideal acquisition target for strategic buyers in this space that have the existing infrastructure in place and marketing skills to readily scale the brand to its full potential.

The initial structure of the business was established in order to build brand recognition and amass leads: customers, traffic, social media network, etc.. Having accomplished these goals, the next step is for the company to monetize its massive network by having a deeper product line to promote to its existing and future audience. With a deeper product line and the same previous $100k marketing spend, this business has the potential to go from a $1.75 million business with 10-20% profit margin to a $5 million business with similar overhead.

With an abundance of leads and without yet a sufficient quantity of products/services currently in place to effectively grow the business to its next level, the owners made a strategic decision to reduce marketing spend which has resulted in lower revenues, but higher margins. The owners have streamlined the business maintaining it at a stable level until the product line can be sufficiently expanded to provide a purpose to and warrant to an increase in marketing spend for overall expansion of the company.

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