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It’s a technology blog and forum that generates revenue by showing advertisements and making commissions on affiliate sales. Adsense

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United States
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Business Description

The business was founded back in 1997 on Geocities. Since 1999 it's been hosted on its own domain. The site features over 20,000 unique news posts, over 500 in depth reviews mainly on CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives and SSDs, and 115 in depth articles on various technology related subjects

The forum has more than 300,000 threads and 500,000 members

How does your business make money?

Through advertising networks (Adsense), affiliate sales and by selling own advertisements (banners and advertorials)

Business Strengths

  • Brand and Community Loyalty

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Improve Current Marketing Efforts


I, myself try to write 2 news items every day, this is not required to generate the current revenue but I feel that if the site isn’t daily updated it would negatively impact its value.

Then there are two volunteers who write the reviews, they are self-sufficient. They arrange the review samples directly from manufacturers (we work with all major SSD brands -> Samsung, Toshiba, Crucial, Intel, etc.) and write and publish the reviews themselves.

The forum also has a couple of moderators that keep the site clean from spam, also totally voluntarily and unpaid.


  • Affiliate Marketing



Seller Notes

Primary Growth Opportunities:
• An investment in SEO could pay off. Over the year there has been zero investment in search engine optimization
• Getting in Google News, the site used to be in Google News but was removed after a technical issue with the Google News Sitemap. Google rejected later application because no address information etc. on the site. Should be fairly easy to get back in
• Website lists high on some terms, might be possible to generate more income with affiliate links
• Invest in editorial team to become active tech blog / review site again
• Currently we get about 5-7 requests for (paid) guest posts, reviews, advertorials, we now ask a rather high fee (€375), so many turn the offer down. Lower prices might attract more advertisers


  • All Site Content and file
  • Customer Database

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.


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Private Seller

Aim Digital Group

United kingdom

Aim Digital Group is a brokerage boutique specialising in deal flow, negotiations, acquisitions with online businesses and websites. Founded in 2015 by an Investment banker and entrepreneur, Aim Digital Group boats over £700,000 in deals.

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