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Founded in January 2013 Grocery Cop is an Australian grocery comparison website. The client facing website allows customers to track, compare and shop for products sold online by Australia's two major supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths. The data generated from this activity is captured and synthesized into reports which can be sold to sold to banks or hedge funds, to assist with forecasting market movements and inflation, or to brands looking to enter a particular FMGC vertical.



  • Reports are automated but a manual check is performed each week (10 minutes p/week)
  • Customer side runs automatically with prices populating daily automatically, email is sent that needs to be checked on status (1 minute)
  • If marketing or sales were to kick off then operational overhead would be required in those areas but to run the business as it is that’s all that’s require.


Data collected from Coles and Woolworths is 100% automated and is generated by scraping (same methods used by Google) with various built in safe guards and validations.


  • Currently no marketing or Business Development activities are currently performed.


Customer profile

  • Customers on the product side are online grocery shoppers who are price sensitive and lack time. This includes busy families, university students and frugal types. Customers on the report selling side are banks and hedge funds.

Customers Acquisition

  • All customer find the site organically via google search, we rank high in a huge number of keywords around comparison and high on 1000s of SKUs. Customers who purchase reports also find the business organically

Customers Retention

  • Approximately 10-15% of traffic is returning traffic. With the limited number of clients only 1 has ever left, other has been with us for the past 3 years and is happy with the reports.





  • Highly automated
  • Highly scalable, all reports and analytics are 100% automated
  • High barrier to entry with minimal players in the Australian market
  • Built to allow seamless integration additional monetisation channels
  • Reports are more accurate than traditional means (surveys) as they can be based on actual sales data
  • Custom built technologies deployed in the cloud (AWS) on Docker with scalability on Elastic Beanstalk and a Jenkins Server
  • Prepaid reserved instances on AWS
  • Standalone Wordpress server configured and styled to the brand
  • Sales log containing over 1600 interactions with FMCG, Fund Managers, Asset Managers, Superannuation and Marketing agencies. Includes leads, proposal documents and example reports.
  • Proven model, based upon mysupermarket.co.uk ( part owned by WPP)


  • Expand marketing offering
  • Introduce sales program to
  • Diversify revenue streams
  • On platform adervtising
  • Partner with brands to offer exclusive listings
  • Build out the analytics platform to offer a live analytics platform.
  • Build out a back end platform similar to: http://solutions.mysupermarket.co.uk/

Seller Notes

Reason for the sale: the owner is selling up all assets to help fund his move back to Australia and to build his dream home.
Reason for decline YOY decline: the business has really been neglected and needs someone with a digital marketing background to take it to the next level.

The business is a technical one being both a software platform and supporting large data analytics so either some technical knowledge or a technical support person on standby is recommended. The technical ability will only be called upon in instances where something goes wrong which does not happen often. The required technical support is not at an advanced level. The currentr owner is a technical person, but he has outsourced the work to various team members, generally based in eastern Europe, over my time and I have then fulfilled the a management/client relations role.



  • AWS servers including remaining reserved instances (till June next year)
  • All Existing Accounts
  • Full Tech Stack
  • Website and all Associated Domains

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.


About the Seller

Private Seller

Mathew Grace


Mathew has a Bachelor’s degree in IT and Business (Software engineering and Finance) and a Master’s degree in Business (Applied Finance). He works in London consulting on the build of software platforms for the finance industry in areas such as wealth and asset management to pensions and insurance companies. He has built key software for investment banks such as HSBC, JP Morgan and RBC. He has owned a number of business over the years and previously sold a local IT distributor for $30k.

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