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For sale is the business and all accompanying assets. The business was registered in NYC in 2012 as an LLC and trades female Jewelry. The business has developed a highly reputable brand selling across multiple Amazon marketplaces and a Shopify store. The majority of the businesses sales come from Amazon FBA sales into the US market. The business holds inventory in a warehouse in NYC, and in Amazon FBA warehouses around the world. The business employees 2 part-time employees who perform the bulk of the day to day operations. The current owner only spends 2-3 hours per week delegating tasks to employees.


The business has mostly automated and Ivan is only required to work 2­-3 hours of work per week in the business. His hours are taken up with admin and setting up tasks for employees. Ivan then has two employee's who perform the bulk of the operations.

Employee 1. Based in New York this person takes care of inventory management. These tasks include Scanning, barcoding, fulfillment of orders and labeling. 3 times a week this employee will fulfill orders for the FBM component of the Amazon US sales. Twice a month she will prepare all stock to be sent to Amazon warehouses. Bi-annually she will perform an audit of all inventory

Employee 2. Located in Macedonia, this employee has worked for the company for more than 4 years by now and is very familiar with the business. She takes tasks from the online task system manager and completes them on a case by case basis. Ivan has made video tutorials on how the task needs to be performed.


Customer profile

Customers are mostly females from 18-60 who are purchasing for themselves or a female family member. Buyer are generally looking for gifts for Mothers or loved ones or just acquire some affordable jewelry. Gifts are purchased seasonally for Christmas , Valentines Day, Birthday, Mother Day and special occasions.

Customer acquisition

Customers are acquired via Instagram, FB, PPC, Pinterest and Email marketing.

Customer retention

Very little retargeting techniques have been attempted to date.





  • Private-label products in the highly Unique Category - Jewelry is not easy category to get into on Amazon. It requires a strict Amazon lab test approval + high application fee.
  • Freedom to run business from anywhere in a world
  • Multiple potential ways to grow business worldwide plus expanding through other sales channels using yours marketing techniques
  • Unique designs of products, no hijackers only you allow to sell your products
  • Length of operation on Amazon and in the niche
  • Fully automated business, mostly admin and planning processes 2-3 Hours per week
  • High level of trust with 100% positive feedback
  • Short lead time from purchase order to products landing in Amazon warehouses


  • Apply new marketing strategy
  • Wholesale sales
  • Growth in Europe
  • Grow Shopify sales through a retargeting campaign
  • Expand OTC retail sales i.e via Macys, Nordstom, Urban Outfitters etc.

Seller Notes

  • All current employees are happy to continue working in the business post-sale.
  • Etsy and eBay stores are not available for sale. These accounts are linked to Ivans personal account and not the business.


  • All Inventory on hand at the time of close, discounted to ⅓ of cost price
  • Email List
  • Associated domains
  • Shopify store
  • Japanese Storefront
  • European Storefront
  • Canadian Storefront
  • US Storefront

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

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About the Seller

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Ivan Shaydenko

United states

“Ivan is a serial digital entrepreneur based out of New York. Having contacts in the jewelry industry and a background in computer science he decided to create the business in the summer of 2012.”

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