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1.5 year old online store focused in selling fashion mostly to the US, CAN and AUS (with some regular worldwide sales). Averaging $1,700 in profit per month. Sales come in organically too!

Why should someone buy this business?

One of the most important qualities of this store is the passive income that comes in on autopilot and without extra investing. Basically it means that even if you don't spend more on ads, you are getting sales and profit due to the google ranking itself. In short, extra income with minimal effort, less than 1 hour a week of work to maintain.

Other important reason is the email list with 7k customers on it, that hasn't been used for email marketing campaigns that is leaving money on the table and needs to be implemented.

Another of its great quality is the price this store is worth more, but due to personal reasons I need to sell this store to put the money as budget for the other project I'm working on.

How can the future owner improve this business?

The improvements that could be done right away (currently the attention is on another project):
- start using paid ads to get more targeted traffic to increase sales
- add a credit card processor as a lot of sales come through it (had to remove the one being used since is needed on the other project)
- product research and new product launches (method will be shown to buyer)
- use email marketing to solidify the customer base and add revenue
- diversify marketing tactics to reach more possible customers.

Business Strengths

  • Large Customer Database
  • Low Time Commitment Required
  • Passive Revenue

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Introduce Further Revenue Streams


To keep the store running, the required work is about 20 mins a day to answer customer emails and fulfill orders (sometimes none is needed). At this rate the store basically runs on autopilot. If improvements mentioned above are implemented, the work could increase to 1-3 hours a day depending on tasks. It is good to note that a lot of those tasks could be done by a virtual assistant and the workload will diminish A LOT.


Customer Profile & Segmentation
The profile varies product to product, in broader terms, the current customers are part of the "sports" niche. Facebook is really helpful in this regard as with the followers of the Facebook pages, "look alike customer audiences" can be created and these are basically done using the profile of said followers, which results in really powerful audiences that can be used to run ads that are pin pointed to the people that may like the products.

Customer acquisition
The method that was broadly used to bring new customers was mostly social media advertising . Last few months customers are coming in straight from google searches.

Customer retention
A good way to increase the return customer rate is email marketing geared towards them and their specific interests, which is something that wasn't used in this store at all. The current return customer rate is from the product quality and how much they like it that they go back to buy more.




  • Shopify store with a heavily customized & optimized theme and apps for conversions.

  • Google adwords account already set.

  • $152,000 in revenue and $30, 966 net profit, and already established customers.

  • Established social media ad campaign data (facebook pixel) + strategy (buyer will get a complete walkthrough and training after the sale)

  • Fan pages. One with 9954 followers and other with 1738 followers, both in passionate niches.

  • Email list of 7632 people.

  • The most valuable asset is our social media advertising campaign and all of its related assets such as the targeting, custom audiences etc. This will ONLY and ONLY be revealed to the winning buyer.

Seller Notes

After this sale is done, the buyer will get full support for 30 days including transitioning the website and related accounts. Also training will be provided on how to operate the business including providing a basic overview of required shopify tasks if needed. This is the second store that this seller is listing here (previous was successfully transfered to another buyer who got the training and now is working in ecommerce full time), so the experience on how to do it and do it well is already here.

Why this store is being sold?

Been working on another project that is consuming most of the time and resources. This is the main reason why this store lost the traffic from paid sources. Last month, the tasks on the new project got bigger so it's time to let this store go to someone who can invest a bit of time on it to take it to the level that it can grow.

Please comment with any questions you may have. This site will continue succeeding and we will do everything we can to make sure of it.

See video walkthrough for background information and details about this store -> https://youtu.be/v4YLxgMlDiU

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

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Hernan Torres


Hernan Torres is a part time Marketing Specialist, entrepreneur and gym lifter. He is the creator of the store GoStarGazers.com

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