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Business Description

Bounty Global is a blockchain marketing business started from April, 2018. Bounty Global focus is to help ICO projects, crypto wallet and exchanges achieve real users growth through social media bounty campaigns.

Clients can easily set up their bounty campaign on Bounty Global. Based on the plans they’ve purchased, clients can choose to have bounty campaigns on Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit or Medium. A bounty campaign is a campaign that community members are rewarded with ETH or altcoins if they do word-of-mouth marketing for the blockchain project. This opportunity makes Bounty Global grows really fast and even has surpassed ICO Drops in the summer.


  • Customer support (1-3hrs/ week): Less than 10 ticket a week. Most about the bounty reward amount. This can be easily solved in the admin console.
  • Marketing (1-3hrs/ week): Update new campaign information in official Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Medium. For newsletter, we’ve already made it automatically sent when new campaign in available on the site.
  • Business development (3-5 hrs/ week): Introduce the product features and packages to new clients. Help potential partners to set up account and trial campaigns.
  • Tech support (0 hrs/ week): Currently everything is well setup on the website. Tech support is only needed when new features or bugs are added to the system.


Customer Profile and Segmentation

Our customers are divided into 2 parts:

  1. Business: blockchain companies that issue tokens, develop crypto wallet or crypto exchanges.
  2. Users: crypto users who are interested in crypto coins. They’re mostly come from Southeast Asia, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Japan, Korea and etc. Over 90% of them are male, aging from 25 - 45.

*Customer Acquisition *

Referral is one of the most important acquisition methods for Bounty Global. Old clients introduce their friends to use Bounty Global because of the good results they’ve seen. Users refer their friends so they can earn more free coins.

*Customer Retention *

Customer are retained by advertising new campaigns and sending out withdraw alerts via a mailing list and official social media accounts. The mailing list currently has 300,000+ active subscribers with an open rate of 10% and a CTA of 50%. The average number of participates for each campaign is 200,000





  • 300,000 Registered crypto users
  • Freedom to run business from anywhere in the world
  • Multiple potential ways to grow business worldwide plus expanding through other sales channels
  • Fully automated business, mostly admin and planning processes less than 10 hours per week
  • Well-known successful clients: Huobi Exchange, Bgogo, ABCC Exchange, Coinsuper, Libra, ASCH, TRIO, and etc.


  • Blockchain
  • Marketing
  • Business development: partnering with token funds/ crypto exchanges to acquire new users


  • All system related accounts and passwords
  • Bounty Global client list
  • Bounty Global brand and domain
  • All social media accounts and passwords
  • All system source code
  • All user data (300,000+ user email address and related user information)

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

Not Included

About the Seller

Private Seller

Neo Niu

United states

Neo is a serial entrepreneur. Previously he has worked as the product head at aelf blockchain, product head for LeEco mobile operating system, product manager at Xiaomi and global product manager at Dolphin Browser.

Neo has always had a passion for blockchain and entrepreneurship.

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