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Is a fully automated site that sells Decorative Flags, House Flags, Yard Flags, Seasonal Flags, Holiday Flags, Animal Flags & more decorative flags. Comes with all the resources you need to succeed! From over 30k customers and over 80k email contacts to contractors to assist with products (have been on hand for a decade) to unique and established contracts for 100% drop ship with the major industry players and the ability to even further increase profitability by having on-hand inventory at reduced rates.


The business has been refined over many years to require minimal involvement. There are additional revenue streams that are easy to deploy. The current owner has not as he is occupied with other obligations.


Customers are mostly US based (interntional markets have not been addressed but are viable), middle America and can be cross-sold to in the vertical. there are about 30,000 existing customers (name/address/phone/email) and over 80,000 email addresses in the system




You can keep the company as it is- a "set and forget" with about 3 hours a week of work or you can in-house inventory, increase profitability, email customers, enhance and refine current sales channels, take phone orders and significantly increase sales easily.

Includes Intellectual Property portfolio comprising of domain name and Trademark.

Seller Notes

Seller believes in this business and its future potential. Would entertain a partner to assist with expansion but is open to selling the business outright. Seller background: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-gropper-1146b8/



  • Newsletter contact email list (of 28,000+ customers) and approx. 70,000 additional subscribers
  • Contracts/contacts with current factory vendors and drop shippers
  • Website database including 28,628 customers (name/email/phone/physical address) and prior order history
  • The website code (front end and back) on the server
  • Federal Trademark SN 77706185 and the website mark
  • Domains

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

Not Included

About the Seller

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Jon Gropper

United states

Jon the seller The seller has decades of experience in e-commerce, e-commerce automation and boostrapping companies.

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